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Links to medical supplies

We will provide you links to the best medical supplies at the best that we can find. 


24/7 Customer service

email us 24/7. Of course, we sleep so it may be the following morning before we reply if you email too late.


We want to save you $$$

If we can find coupon codes or better prices we will be sure to post it.


We Listened!

WOW! It has been a long few years since we have been online!

We certainly have missed our customers. Many of you have become near and dear friends.

You are the reason we are putting the Missouri Medical Supplies website back together. Many of you have asked where you can purchase things that you use to purchase from us. 

Since Missouri has changed RX laws there are so many things we can no longer sell to the public but we are in the process of making it simple for you to find those things along with 

the latest health and diet information and other interesting things. 


We have not got all the kinks worked out but I will assure you we will be here for you to answer any questions you may have. 


Hold tight, it won't be long and this site will be ready to surf.

What The Clients Say

  • What an appropriate name. This is just a big thank you to a great company with great products and even better customer service.
    Cosma Designer, youtechco
  • Good product in connection with reliable company is excellent combination. I can only wish that other companies also adopt such fair play approach.
  • I am fairly new to Joomla! with only 6 months experience, but was very impressed with this template.